Carissa Knipe

For Sale

If there's anything you'd like to buy, please email me with like, "Hey could I buy this one?" I don't have a store set up yet but we can use venmo or something! All sales (minus shipping costs) will go to South King County & Eastside Mutual Aid. (Started for Crush/Repeat's #MakeArt4MutualAid project and still going!)

I'm selling medium-small prints (approximately 8x10-in, but depends on the piece) for sliding scale $30-$300. It's a wide range but so is unjust wealth disparity sooo I'm hoping prices can be somewhat flexible for what you're able to pay/give! I also have originals of some pieces -- see individual pieces on this page for specifics.

Also, I sometimes do commission work, so email me if you want something! I might do it :)